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We are a specialized company based in Jordan, excelling in the fields of production, digital media, digital marketing, and design. Operating in six Arab 0countries, we have successfully executed impactful media projects.
Throughout our journey, we have delivered hundreds of successful projects in over six Arab countries. Visit our website to explore some of these projects and read real case studies that showcase the solutions we provided to our clients.
We continually aspire to be the ideal par
tner for brands and companies on their journey towards excellence and digital prominence. We perceive the world of digital media and marketing as a dynamic, ever-renewing space that demands constant creativity and innovation. Our passion lies in improving the customer experience and enhancing their interaction with the brand, utilizing the latest tools and innovations in the realm of media and marketing.


Welcome to our diverse portfolio of services that define our commitment to excellence. At Bebsa6a we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. Our core services encompass:

Our Happy Clients

bebsa6a managed our media platforms for a year and the results were satisfactory

Dr. Taha Shehab Radiology Center

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Amman - Alsharif Naser Bin Jameel St - building 135 office 305

00962 796514448

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