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Transforming Financial Narratives: A Digital Marketing Case Study on National Bank for Small Projects Financing

Introduction: Bebsa6a Digital Marketing undertook the management of social media platforms for the National Bank for Small Projects Financing from January 2022 to December 2024. The National Bank for Small Projects Financing is a financial institution catering to a diverse clientele, including small business owners, major stakeholders such as factories, micro-entrepreneurs, and home project owners.


  1. Negative comments, particularly from clients facing difficulties in loan repayment.

  2. Lack of awareness among people regarding the positive impact of financing on the future of their projects.

  3. Intense competition in the Jordanian financial market.

  4. The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on financial services and people's ability to repay.

Achievements by Bebsa6a Digital Marketing:

  1. Showcasing Beneficiaries as Heroes:

  • Highlighted beneficiaries as heroes, representing success stories.

  1. Weekly Tips Segment:

  • Introduced a weekly "Tip of the Week" segment, providing valuable advice to clients to enhance their project management awareness.

  1. Documentary-style Success Stories:

  • Created numerous documentary-style success stories presented as films.

  1. Event Coverage and Professional Reels:

  • Covered events and activities, creating professional reels for enhanced engagement.

  1. Brand Enhancement:

  • Strengthened the brand image of the National Bank for Small Projects Financing.

  1. Documenting Bank Achievements:

  • Documented and showcased the bank's achievements in supporting small projects.

  1. Innovative Content Distribution:

  • Broke traditional norms, adopting unconventional content distribution methods.

  1. Increased Followers:

  • Successfully increased the number of followers on social media pages.

  1. Strategic Plans and Monthly Reports:

  • Developed strategic plans and provided monthly reports, incorporating customer feedback to increase trust in the National Bank for Small Projects Financing.

Conclusion: This unique experience provided the Bebsa6a Digital Marketing team with invaluable insights, especially in the field of marketing financial services and documenting success stories. The success of this campaign underscores the importance of innovative storytelling and strategic content distribution in shaping the public perception of financial institutions, ultimately fostering trust and engagement.

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