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Transforming Traditional Marketing: A Digital Marketing Case Study on Jordan Post

Introduction: Jordan Post, the official delivery company owned by the Jordanian government, faced challenges in modernizing its marketing strategies, predominantly relying on traditional methods. In an effort to redefine its image and reach a wider audience, the company enlisted the services of Bebsa6a Digital Marketing for the management of its social media platforms from August 2021 to August 2022.


  1. Introducing Jordan Post's services to the public.

  2. Overcoming negative perceptions of government services, specifically those related to Jordan Post.

  3. Competition from market giants like Aramex and DHL.

  4. Dispelling the misconception that Jordan Post only offers outdated services such as sending physical telegrams.

Achievements by Bebsa6a Digital Marketing:

  1. Breaking Traditional Marketing Barriers:

  • Challenged traditional marketing norms, breaking the barriers between citizens and Jordan Post.

  1. Animation and Storytelling:

  • Introduced animation for the first time, creating animated stories with relatable cartoon characters to engage the audience.

  1. Technology Awareness Campaigns:

  • Educated the public about the technology employed by Jordan Post in its services.

  • Launched intensive campaigns highlighting the advantages of the tracking system.

  1. National Aid Services Awareness:

  • Conducted informative campaigns about national aid services provided by Jordan Post.

  1. Media Coverage for Partnerships:

  • Provided media coverage for all partnerships initiated by Jordan Post, encouraging other entities to collaborate.

  1. LinkedIn Presence:

  • Launched the official LinkedIn page for Jordan Post, enhancing its professional online presence.

  1. Increasing Followers:

  • Successfully increased the number of followers on social media platforms.

  1. Complaint Management System:

  • Implemented a complaint management system with a dedicated number for each complaint.

  • Ensured responses to inquiries and comments within 16 hours daily, even on official holidays.

Conclusion: This unique experience equipped the Bebsa6a Digital Marketing team with valuable insights, especially in the field of marketing postal and logistical services. The success of this campaign demonstrates the effectiveness of digital marketing in transforming the public's perception of a traditional government-owned service and highlights the importance of engaging with the audience through innovative and interactive strategies.

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